Identify & Solve
Unmet Needs

Empathy-DrivenTM design & development by Empathico


Some companies we’ve helped


We help you create amazing digital products.

Empathico measures human needs to identify significant problems, quantify market opportunities and track the value of solutions.

UX for AI

Empathico has the specialized skill set necessary to create optimal and ethical user experiences for artificial intelligence.

Dashboard Design

We design human-centered, data-intensive dashboards for use in critical applications by large and small businesses.

SaaS Development

We’ve been developing Empathy-Driven, award-winning Software as a Service applications since 2001.

App Prototyping

We’re experts in prototyping apps using our proprietary Empathy-Driven framework as well as Google Design Sprints.


What it means to be Empathy-Driven

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.  View the world through their eyes.  Is that all there is to empathy?  We think no—at least not at the scale of business.  Empathico focuses on systems that scalably develop genuine empathy by identifying and solving your customers’ unmet needs.  This gives you a richer, more actionable understanding of people’s most significant problems and improves the impact of your solutions.

Put empathy into action

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a scrappy startup, we can help improve your digital product’s chances for significant impact and success.