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Human-Centered Chatbots

Products + Services

Chatbots for Market Intelligence and Customer Support

Chatbot Design and Development Services

IM Platforms

Chatbots for Messenger, Slack, SMS, Web and others

Our Tech

Natural Language Processing + Sentiment Analysis

Our History

14 Years of Digital Product Design

Industry Packs

Telecom, IT, Marketing, Travel and General Industries

Knowledge Base

  • Proprietary Empathy Engine
  • Keywords + Keyphrases
  • Universal Human Needs + Feelings
  • Metrics + KPIs

Empathico's Empathy-Driven Process in 3 Steps


Your Chatbot’s Goals, Metrics, KPIs, and Contact Methods


The Needs + Feelings Keywords from your Industry BotPack


Test + Use Your Chatbot with People then Analyze Results